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5 step post holi skin care guide to regain your natural glow

The fun and frolic of Holi is over and it is time to get back to your skincare regime and regain that lost glow. Do you feel your skin is looking flaky, dry and dull? 
So here are a few astounding steps to regain that beautiful glow on your face and above all a healthy skin.
A quick glance at 5 simple steps for post Holi skin care guide to regain your natural glow. Inputs by Neha S. Arora, Director Auriga Research
Step 1
Wash your face with natural face wash. Washing your face with a harsh face wash will certainly harm your skin. You can apply foaming face wash which is
paraben free and includes natural ingredients. Ningen offers some exclusive range of face wash which not only will heal your skin from the after effects of Holi but also boost your skin from within to make you feel rejuvenated and refurbished. Strawberry foaming face wash enriched with the goodness of cucumber, lemon and gooseberry removes dirt, toxins and impurities from your skin. Jojoba face wash with the goodness of lotus, apricot, white tea removes, dirt , dead cells , unclogs pores. Papaya face wash enriched with saffron and sandalwood treats dryness itching and pollution allergy. Choose any one of these and feel the difference.

Step 2
Cleanse your skin. Cleansing milk will work astoundingly for your skin after Holi as it removes stagnant dirt, grime and adamant colors. A Cadama cleansing milk with the goodness of cucumber, neem and Aloe vera will be highly effective for your skin.
Step 3
Exfoliate Your Skin. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and outer layers from the skin. It also increases blood circulation and revitalizes your skin while improving your overall skin’s appearance. A walnut exfoliating face scrub enriched with almond, green cardamom and peach moisturizes, exfoliates, and removes tan and blemishes.

Step 4
Regain your skin’s pH balance with a toner Toner essentially restores your skins natural pH balance, thereby soothing your skin and giving it a boost of
moisture. It refreshes your skin without devoiding it of its natural moisture. It also prepares your skin for post cleansing moisturizer. You can use Ningen’s Dandelion facial toner enriched with basil, witch hazel, aloe vera that removes excess oil fine lines and wrinkles.
Step 5
Enrich Your Skin with Power of Serums. Serums soothe your sensitive skin and protect the skin from any damage. Vitamin C and E face serum with the
goodness of Licorice and Ginseng makes your skin smooth and supple.
Step 6
Peel off mask
You can use a herbal peel off mask with the goodness of plum, green tea and coffee extracts that removes dirt toxins and impurities. Periodically using a peel off mask will help your skin slowly regain its glow and texture. Suffice is to say that a basic skin care routine will gradually regain its natural glow and make it more supple, vibrant and free from any skin ailments. You can also include Ningen’s lavender body massage oil enriched with Jasmine, Lemon fruit, eucalyptus or Orchid massage oil enriched with geranium and wheat germ to nourish your skin and remove the colors off your body in a subtle way.
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