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A Minimalist Festive season is coming: Chhaya Gandhi

Weddings and festive seasons remain the most sought-after seasons for Indian designers, and their fashion ensembles are not only adorned with bling, glitz and embellishments, but are also elaborate and luxurious. During the festive season, designers turn out their best innovations. Designers eagerly anticipate the festive season to launch their newest products.The detailed embellishment and heavy work of embroidery that remains the hallmark of their creativity remains consistent every year, however, remains consistent. However, during this festive period, designer Gandhi prefers to stick to a more minimalist approach.

According to the ace fashion designer, this year’s festivities are set to be more elegant and sophisticated, with the fashion trending towards more classy and effortless designs. Designer adheres to the mantra of sustainable and environment friendly fashion with her upcoming collection for Diwali, ‘Boond’, which is inspired by raindrops and embodied by pearls.The label taps into both the feminine and masculine sides of every individual. This collection is dominated by the traditional style, however it has been modernized and elegantly embellished. The silhouette is classic and can be worn with pant suits and much more.

Q. What are you most looking forward to in this year’s Diwali festival? How will you celebrate?
As last year, Diwali will be low-key owing to the ongoing pandemic. Spending quality time with family is what I will be doing. It is an exciting time for me as my brand is being launched. My young team of professionals enjoys a secure and healthy work environment, and I am privileged to be able to provide that to them.

Q. What is your choice of outfit for Diwali and what accessories would you pair it with?

I will definitely choose the lime green pants and vest with the olive silk Kimono jacket from my new collection, BOOND (Drop).

Q. Which trend do you predict for the holiday season ?

When it comes to the festive season, sarees are always on top of my list. Nevertheless, the weaves will be lighter ones – silks and cottons, for instance. These are smooth, easy-to-wear fabrics. It is expected that pants paired with kaftans will continue to be on trend for the season to come.
Q. How does the low-key festivity and people’s tendency to shop less affect your business?
I don’t see much impact. Accessible and sustainable is what my brand stands for.

Q. Please tell us How would you describe your new collection?
My new collection to be released in Diwali is BOOND (literally translated as “Drop”).
Raindrops inspire this collection, which is reflected by the small pearls in our designs. BOOND celebrates both the feminine and masculine sides of every individual. With the traditional style of the collection being modernized and embellished. It’s a classic silhouette with pant-suits and many other garments.

Q. In light of the current situation, how does your company utilize technology?

Our young team manages social media networks and marketing campaigns. In order to extend our reach, we are exploring options for e-commerce. Apart from that, my studio is very hands-on.

Q. In what way do you enjoy the festive preparations the most?

Decorating the house with flowers and Diyas are among my favorites.

Q. In organizing the Diwali party, will the pandemic be taken into consideration?

I won’t be having a Diwali party this year. It will be just for my immediate family. I will prepare meals at home, take a break from work, and enjoy Diwali.

Q.  Indulgent and low key weddings have taken over big fat Indian weddings, and hosts no longer spend money on related fields, like catering, decor, etc. Do you think that funds are diverted more towards jewelry and clothes now?

Younger generations today are a lot more aware of life’s realities. They know what money and relationships mean to them. The smaller the wedding, the closer the family and friends are to the bride and groom. The people in this category have contributed significantly to their growth so far and will continue to do so. They favor classic designs over fads.
Weddings are becoming more casual, with the bride wearing a minimalist lehenga or even a pantsuit. Pair it with traditional jewellery and she looks beautiful.

Q. In your opinion, how long will it take to get back to normal?

People have adapted to Covid and moved on.

Q. How would you define sustainability for your label ?

For me, sustainability encompasses both the growing of natural fibers and the dyeing of fabrics as well as the treatment of effluent. Apparel’s life cycle must continue after its primary use and be restyled for other uses.
We support local weavers and karigars.  We design classics. Not FAST FASHION.

Q. What are you envisioning for the fashion sector?

It is just my hope and prayer that designers and big brands behave responsibly toward their customers, towards the ecosystem, and towards the environment.

Q. As the focus for brides is shifting towards a photogenic look, what kind of change are you incorporating in your collection?

I am incorporating the pure colours from nature this season. Creating fabrics with double colour weaves to create a shaded effect. Hand embroidery is an important element of this collection.

Q. Do you have a fashion forecast for the coming season? What fashion styles should we avoid?
We can definitely expect straight, long trousers to be popular this season.
All time favorites will be tailored shirts and blazers.
Tie and dye can be avoided.
Bows and ruffles should be avoided.
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