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First rural library initiative in Latur started by Deepshikha Deshmukh, an initiative that is unique to the region

Deepshikha Deshmukh, a producer, entrepreneur, and mother, has started a first-of-its-kind initiative named, ‘Read Latur’, which she says is a small effort to set up libraries in rural schools and encourage reading, not just textual books, but fables, stories, and tales, which provide children with a means to dream and stimulate their imaginations.

She is a voracious reader herself, and believes that just 10 minutes of reading every single day can make a huge difference in your life. Moreover, Deepshikha, as a mother, is also encouraging her children to read inculcating the habit of reading in their lives and is aware of the difference it can make in their lives. Her motivation for starting this project came from the discovery that Latur’s children had access to limited reading material, most of which consisted of class work and textbooks, this is when she was inspired to spread the joy of reading to as many children as possible.

She says, ” Stories, fables, and tales written for children are essential to give wings to their imagination that takes them to the magical world and the sense of wonder that these books hold. I am a firm believer in the circular economy and how environmentally friendly it is to share what you have. This is how ‘Read Latur’ started. I have been reaching out to various friends and publishers to come forward and help us build these rural libraries with one book or many. Together we can create a culture of reading and learning among the kids.”

As Deepshikha points out, “There was a time when I stopped reading for various reasons and it really made me value the contribution of books in my life. That is when I realised I would inculcate a reading habit in my kids no matter how busy I got. I know as a mom for sure that regular reading can improve language skills, make children more curious about the world they live in, shape their perceptions and make them more confident. I feel happy that with this initiative we will now be setting up libraries in 12 to 15 schools in rural Latur. I hope this is just the beginning of empowering every single child in Latur with uplifting stories.”

Deepshikha has been involved in a number of exciting initiatives that work to empower women and also invest her time and effort in educational campaigns that empower rural children.

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