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When it comes to the world of fashion, there are no rules. Don’t be fearful of trying out anything new: Manish Malhotra

From newly-minted to aspiring actresses or experienced actresses, wearing ensembles created by ace couturier Manish Malhotra is a dream they long cherish. In the run up to festive season, It is not uncommon to spot these fashionistas wearing traditional yet contemporary designs. However, there is another common aspect to note that most of these designs are from Manish Malhotra World. With a fresh approach to wedding and festive collections season after season, Manish Malhotra’s designs never cease to impress us, and since Bollywood remains a fashion source of inspiration, it was natural to speak to the talented couturier whose creations Bollywood divas are sporting the most. During the course of conversation with High on Persona, Manish also delved into his digital endeavors and plans that helped him expand his label beyond India in addition to revealing festive fashion trends. Divya Khanna from High On Persona Magazine spoke to designer Manish Malhotra about his Diwali plans, new collection launch, expanding the fashion business through technology and fashion trends for the festive season.

He wishes everyone a pleasant Diwali and intends to take part in the festivities to the fullest. Nevertheless, given the pandemic situation, he knows to be mindful and within limits, and will not celebrate with large groups of friends. Apart from celebrating Diwali, the designer also anticipates celebrating the expansion of his business. “Diwali is all about spending quality time with family and friends. I wish to keep things low-key, bearing the sensitivity towards the environment around us. It’s been a challenging yet thriving year for many reasons. Our company has expanded, we are onto new ventures and aspire to do even better than before”, informed Manish.

Among the things he enjoys most about the festive season, he stated, “I ensure the entire atmosphere in my house and office reverberates on a festive note. I decorate my house and surroundings with light, have a pooja at home and the offices, and spend quality time with friends and family”. However, a lavish Diwali celebration is not in his plans as he believes that there’s a backseat taken from significant events. I am going to make sure to keep it intimate with a reasonable degree of physical distancing”. He sounded responsible and conscious. According to him, “There may be a consumption cut down in terms of maximalist events seeing how people, in general, are opting for intimate soirées, but we are still part of their celebrations, be it small scale or large scale.”

As for his own choice of outfits and accessories that he plans to pair with the outfit for festive season he stated, “For me, A kurta and a jacket combo with a hint of embellishment gives major festive feels and In general, I feel Chikankari ensembles experimented with contemporary cuts and fabrics offer radiance and sophistication to any look”.

For designers, weddings are among the biggest opportunities to showcase their creativity through wedding ensembles, and becoming a ‘Manish Malhotra bride’ is a dream come true for many young women. Due to the spread of a pandemic, the dynamics of the Wedding industry have changed dramatically. Now, there are fewer guests at low-key, intimate Indian weddings, hosts generally spend less on other related services, such as catering and decor, leading to an increase in jewelry and clothing expenditures. The designer commented, “The younger generation has revolutionized the idea of weddings over the past few months, Indian marriages have witnessed a significant change. The pandemic has undoubtedly compelled couples to ditch the over-the-top celebrations and focus more on intricate details of outfits and jewelry”.

We also asked him for an upcoming trend forecast and he predicted, “We could witness experimentation in elaborate styles like flares, capes, statement sleeves, and colors, cuts, accessories with statement jewelry”. We also asked about some fashion faux pas that one should avoid, so he believes that when it comes to the world of fashion and style, there are no rules, and not be fearful of trying out anything new.

Talking about his new collection, the designer defined it as, “Timeless. Effortless. Seamless like the new generation. A collection that’s a perfect fit for the present and future”. His new collection ‘Nooraniyat’ indeed reflects the fashion sensibilities of millennials, while it keeps the fashion preferences of the current generation intact. With regards to the way designer is using technology to expand his work and being the designer who introduced the concept of virtual store in India, he informed, “Due to the digitization of fashion with our in-house couture films in the pandemic, I took a couple of steps to expand into the tech space. I introduced the first virtual store in India with virtual consultation in the hopes of gaining stronger visibility and better our customer lifetime value from this new interaction and strengthening our presence in these smaller markets and countries like the Middle East, Canada, USA. Recently I launched NFTs on the Wazir X platform for those exquisite buyers and collectors and open avenues to reach a wider audience base.” Designer has retained integral sides of technology, “Currently, whatever technology I’ve incorporated into the brand is explored to test its extent in the new age market”.


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Designer also envisioned innovations and changes in the fashion sector, “In terms of technology with virtual reality, digital assets, NFT, and blockchain on the rise, I see a whole new market being restructured”, he concluded.

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