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National Tourism Day: Celebrities share their favorite destinations and why they adore them

National Tourism Day is observed every year on 25th January. The occasion showcases the wanderlust within each of us and brings awareness to the importance of travelling and protecting the environment. In the midst of our hectic lives and careers, we must occasionally unwind and travel to relax and rejuvenate. Going to a new place also helps us learn about local culture, food and get to meet new people. In honor of the day, celebrities reveal where their favourite holiday destination in India is and why they love it so much. There are some who love mountainous terrain, some beaches, and some desserts in India, and like to visit Rajasthan.

Pragati Mehra: I think National Tourism Day needs to be celebrated all year round! As you travel, you’ll encounter both good and bad experiences. Some are fun and some are not. If you’re happy you should travel, when you’re sad you should travel, and when you have nothing to do, you should TRAVEL! My favorite place to travel is the mountains. As I am half Kashmiri, Kashmir holds a special place in my heart, but my favorite place to go is Landour in Uttrakhand. I am in love with this place.

Hemal Dev- Goa is undoubtedly my favorite Indian vacation spot. Being a Piscean, I’m a water baby and a beach bum. While listening to the waves hitting the shore, I experience a profound sense of peace that puts me in a trance that drives me to work harder and achieve more.

Reyen Eyes- I always try to visit new places every time I go travelling. I tend to explore the Himalayan region a lot, it gives me my rush. Tourism is so important to keep us curious, aware and alive.

Nupur Joshi- The development and management of destinations to provide a highly satisfying experience to the visitors without hampering the local culture and environment is my ideal travel experience. I’m a hodophile. The wanderlust within me gets attracted to places that have inherent natural and cultural values, historical significance, flora and fauna, natural or man-made beauty, offering leisure, adventure, and amusement.

Sham Mashalkar- We must all understand the importance of travelling and protecting nature. My favourite place in India is Goa because I love nature and the beaches around there. It’s a very beautiful place. People should not litter beaches, throw things into the sea whenever they are travelling because it is our duty to keep our surroundings clean, preserve nature.

Kiran Raj- Difficult to pick one as India has many beautiful and breathtaking tourist spots but if I’ve to pick one then I would say Udaipur. It’s a beautiful city having amazing heritage properties, and the people there are humble, respectful and welcoming. The lakes in Udaipur are so peaceful and give you positive vibes. The palaces there speak a lot about our history and culture which is interesting to know about. Overall it’s a great place for a quick getaway!

Nidarshana Gowani- I like Haridwar because it’s very traditional. It is a very pious place and one gets the feeling of peace. The street food of Haridwar is simply amazing.

Ranaksh Rana-Travelling is crucial for growth and broadening of our perspective. You get to see new places, experience the beauty of nature and explore different cultures. I love going to the mountains and Himachal Pradesh is one of my favourite destinations in India. The landscape just changes in winter when it snows and it feels magical. I like the snow-clad purity of the hills and how calm it feels to be warm when it is so cold outside. I find the mountains inspiring. But I do want to emphasise on the importance of travelling responsibly. It is our duty to preserve and protect nature. The least we can do is to ensure we dispose of garbage properly and walk in the natural landscape carefully, without disturbing plants, animals and local people.

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Akshay Jain- My favourite place for tourism is Gulmarg in Kashmir. I shot my songs Bin Tere Sanam and Jaagi Ankkhon Mein there. These are numbers that I choreographed. The experience was really amazing and I would love to go there again. I enjoyed the ice and the snowfall.

Rajender Singh Pahl- Our government is really working hard for creating awareness but it’s on us how seriously we take care of our surroundings. Mostly the people in India feel that they should go abroad to explore, but I always tell them that the rich cultural heritage that India has is nowhere else. I have not seen entire India. I would say that India has some amazing places. I love Udaipur and Rajasthan. I also love Shimla. If we travel throughout India, we would feel like we have already seen so much in our own country. Here every state has a different atmosphere, culture, lifestyle and essence.

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