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On the bank of lake Pichola – A stay at Hotel Lake Pichola is a must

It’s time to head to the city of lakes , the city of weddings, where I began my journey.Through a royal stay at Lake Pichola Hotel, situated on the bank of Lake Pichola in Udaipur. I will try to give you the vicarious thrill through the travelogue to keep you hooked. Historically, Udaipur has been a city of lakes with a long history rooted in culture, history, and folktales That have fascinated tourists since ages. While I was a child, my parents took me to the city, and my most vivid memories of visiting Udaipur were the city’s architecture and food. I therefore seized the opportunity to book my plane ticket to the city right away. Afterwards. it occurred to me that I should have visited earlier. Definitely earlier than now.

Having done extensive research online, I narrowed the search down to this beautiful hotel Lakeside Pichola, located right on the banks of Lake Pichola and offering a panoramic view of the surroundings. Walking through the narrow lanes of Surrounding streets, we finally arrived at the hotel, where it was impossible not to be impressed by the place as its facade was astounding. The hotel is so imposing and appealing that it is impossible not to get caught up in its allure.You’re enchanted once here. There is a small lane leading to the hotel that is flanked by small shops including some beautiful boutique properties such as Uday Kothi, Ameth Haweli, souvenir shops and shops on the street. I was also able to spot small boutique shops selling souvenirs  It was fun to walk through the narrow bylanes and look for traditional Rajasthani bags, handicrafts, clutches, clothes, and so on.

As soon as we entered, the facade exuded a feeling of serenity Our attention was drawn to it because it was so imposing and captivating. The mural created a sense of grandeur to the entire area as it provided a sense of historical significance.They adorned the walls with images of the Mewar emperors depicting their prowess and valor. The wall on which the fresco is located is adorned with a mural on the opposite wall that brings out the rich culture and creativity of Rajasthan thereby contributing to the unique appearance of the area.

Located adjacent to the gallery is a panoramic view of the lake. It is the perfect place to enjoy a cup of tea or an evening cocktail as the sun sinks into the lake While you are snacking, it is a convenient location for you to snap some selfies and pics with family. By this point I was already feeling excited, but I had no idea where to begin. We booked a lake view room so when we checked into the room it was 5 pm and the sun had set, so it was a good time to see the room. I was disappointed with the room as it was smaller than what I had expected. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, the staff told me that the sunset boat ride would be a memory I could never forget. Having ordered my tea and snacks in the room, I did not waste any time to making a dash for the deck boat ride.

Even though it was a 45-minute ride there was something surreal, ethereal, romantic about it that I will remember forever. The Aravalli mountains were obscuring the sun on one side of it and I loved the mist behind the gleam of the sun.  Sandhya Aarti could be heard from within the lake Pichola, on asking the staff where the chimes on the other side were coming from He told us the promoter’s house was within the hotel complex and that it came from there. The city is transformed into another world with the reflection of coruscating lights after Crepuscule. To further enhance the romantic atmosphere, the palace adds majestic splendor. We missed the booking deadline for the most coveted rooftop restaurant, UPRE’, that was overcrowded and we found it difficult to find a suitable spot to shoot the video and take some pictures. We waited for a while before we found that spot.

However, you must reserve your time beforehand in order to book a table at Upre. We were fortunate enough to get a reservation at a late hour. So we chose a time slot. Rooftop restaurant Upre serves exquisite food that ingratiates your taste buds You’ll be in awe of the location as well as the delicious meals available in the restaurant. Laal Maans / Ker Sengar / Gobind are among the local delicacies. To begin with, there is Gatta Curry and various breads. The meal concludes with Kesar Rabri as a dessert. A delightful meal, it was almost a perfect dining experience except for a few things and Flaws. Almost a perfect dining experience except for the flaws.

The meats were delicious, tender, and perfectly cooked. They whet our appetites and made us ravenous eaters. Ker sangar. That was a novel veggie for our palate, so without getting  judgmental on that I switched over to Gobind gutta curries which were quite good. Rajasthan is well known for its sweets. And the restaurant proved this by serving delicious desserts. Rabri was creamy with kesar and small cardamom flavors.Even though the day was winding down, we were dog tired by now. But somehow, we did not feel fatigued.  Leaving the Upre restaurant, I was struck by the spirit and hospitality of the people and the heritage property.

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