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Republic Day: Celebrities on The significance of the occasion and if it is now merely a holiday

Remember your childhood memories of hoisting the flag in your backyard, at a park, your street on the roof of your terrace, while savoring home made ladoos and listening to patriotic songs? How about those little flag brouches you wore on your shirt and how you used to display them? In the midst of all the celebrations on this day, those memories are still etched in our minds, and we remember them so fondly. Celebration January 26 is undoubtedly meaningful and significant, giving us reasons to rejoice. In 1950, the Constitution of India came into force and the day is filled with patriotic fervor among Indians. As we celebrate the day, let’s see how our celebrities are commemorating the day as they recall childhood memories and share their favourite songs.

Perneet Chauhan- I think this celebration should happen every where speciall the flag hoisting part. It will be thrilling for children. There are a lot of veterans living in my building, people who have served in the Indian navy and the Indian air force. I always find it heartwarming to see them saluting the flag. They are dedicated to the country and have sacrificed themselves for it. This tradition of hoisting the flag is really one I love. Among my favorites patriotic songs is Bharat humko jaan se pyaar hai from Roja. My favorite song from URI at the moment is the song in the middle.

Patriotism is not dated, according to Nupur Joshi. Freedom and rights are something I cherish and celebrate every day. The constitution and laws should be respected every day. Freedom, rights, and responsibility to the nation go hand in hand. I am doing my part, as should we all. My favourite song remains ‘Hamne suna tha ek hai Bharat’, the lyrics of the song are by Sahir Ludhianvi, and it is from the movie Didi (1959). The song gives me goosebumps every time I listen to it

Vijayendra Kumeria- It is true that it is a holiday. As children, we used to take part in school parades. All of us have fond memories of watching the prime minister’s speech on TV on republic day. The title song of the film Rang de Bastati featuring Amir Khan is my favorite patriotic song

Aman Maheshwari- While we should appreciate the government’s efforts, there is something we can do as members of society. We can celebrate the day by looking at the people and giving some credit to those who are bringing honor to our country, such as sports persons and NGO workers. We should all feel pride in being together on this day. From the movie Raazi, ‘Ae vatan vatan mere abad rahe tu’ is my favorite patriotic song. January 26 celebration should be about India and every individual belonging to the country. The privilege of being born in this country should fill us with gratitude and pride.

Hemal Dev- January 26 is also special for me. There is a very interesting custom that we follow in my hometown Kolhapur. We eat jalebi’s on that day, there are small pandals put up on the roadside and it is celebrated as a festival where everyone comes together and gathers in the morning. Attending flag hoisting events at various schools is also a special experience. My favourite patriotic song is the one from Raazi, ‘Ae watan mere aabad rahe tu’.

Akshay Jain- Apparently, the youth today do not give Republic Day the importance it deserves, but dance, and more generally today’s social media era where reels and other apps are gaining so much attention, everyone is doing something related to their own field on Republic Day as a tribute to the country. Studios change their theme to the Indian tri-colour, artists make reels, dancers dance on patriotic songs, I mean we can say, this is a kind of modern day tribute we all give to the country on Republic Day, Independence Day etc. The world is getting more artistic now which is very nice. On that note, my favourite patriotic song is ‘Ae watan watan mere abaad rahe tu’ from the movie Raazi.

Ranaksh Rana- The constitution of our country was established on this day and what an important milestone it is in the existence of all Indians! This day is not just a festive day but a pretty important historic mark in the calendar. I feel that in the rush to adopt different languages and cultures, we have slowly started to forget our roots. I am glad to see that different channels whether news, media or individuals are trying to create more awareness about our history and pride and I think that’s important, bringing back the pride and acknowledging the rich beautiful culture that we belong to. Respect for the day has to be felt deep within, not just celebrated. How beautiful a communal celebration would be, to come together and share experiences and stories and personal associations on this day. There’s this song that comes to my head every time I feel patriotic- Kar chale hum fidaa jaan-o-tan saathiyo, ab tumhare hawale watan saathiyo. This gives me goosebumps. It not only shows the immense sacrifice our great men and women gave, it also talks about trust and partnership and faith and strength in unity.

Hansa Singh- During my childhood on every 26th January, I used to watch parade and praise all the soldiers and gallantry. However, things have changed now. The respect for nation doesn’t happen in just one day but it should be 24/7. As a proud Indian, I still feel goosebumps listening to Jan Gan Man, our National Anthem. My favourite song is ( actually are many ) “kar chale hum juda jaan se tan sathiyon, ab tumhare hawaale watan saathiyon”. Jai Hind

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Rajender Singh Pahl- We used to participate in cultural activities and hoist the flag on 26th January in our schools. I feel proud listening to our national song and it gives a feeling of patriotism. The difference between people who live abroad and those who stay in India is that the former do not think about their home country. To me, this day is very significant. Among my favorite patriotic songs is Lata Ji’s Ae mere vatan ke logon…zara aakh me bhar lo paani. We should feel proud about her nation and should not forget the essence of this day

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