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I would like to develop an app that filters out fake news: Armaan Ralhan

As social media and apps have become ubiquitous these days, it’s become very easy for any fake or true news to go viral and spread quickly. There have been concerns raised and attempts made to contain the spread of fake news in India but to no avail. When the young and talented actor Armaan Ralhan was speaking with High On Persona, he was unable to conceal his anguish about the same. It was evident that maybe he has also been unknowingly impacted by fake news and the way it propagates. In response to a question about what kind of app he would like to develop if asked, he replied immediately, “One thing we see the most on the Internet these days is so much misinformation or fake news which is Floating around. I would love to be involved in developing an app that filters out fake news. Something like a fact-checker”. His health and fitness posts on Instagram keep his followers interested. Likewise, his fascination with apps isn’t hidden, nor is his familiarity with technology and interest in gadgets which were the focal points of our conversation with him.

Q. Tech gadgets you carry while traveling?
I always carry headphones, my phone & my laptop. I would add an e-book reader too, but I prefer reading hardcopies of books.

Q. Which brands do you often use for the gadgets used during travel?
My earphones are JBL and my phone is an iPhone.

Q. Which flagship phone are you using currently?
I’m currently using an iPhone.

Q. How interactive are you with your followers on social media?
I’m pretty interactive with them. I read and reply to DMs and even some of the comments, every now and then. It’s about finding a balance. There are some really nice and encouraging people out there.

Q. Which video calling apps you use to give interviews and do you also use a mic, face camera, and lighting set up, please name the brands if yes?
Much to the dismay of my management, I use no additional gadgets. No mic, no camera, no lighting. Just Zoom on my laptop. (Laughs)

Q. What kind of backdrop do you usually like to create for your video conferencing apps, your preferences, or you are casual about it?
Extremely casual. I like to keep my natural home surrounding or a white background.

Q. Have you ever in your life used any dating app? Did you get any matches there?
While I am not averse to the idea of using dating apps, I am old school when it comes to dating. I haven’t used any dating apps.

Q. What’s the most used social media app used on your mobile phone?
It has to be Instagram. I am most active on Instagram.

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Q. If you were an app developer, what kind of app would you build?
One thing we see the most on the Internet these days is so much misinformation floating around. I would love to be involved in developing an app that filters out fake news. Something like a fact-checker.

Q. What is the first thing you see on your phone in the morning?
The first thing I check on my phone is the time. Then I like to go through all my messages so I can plan my day accordingly.

Q. Have you, ever in life, broken your phone in anger? Like, threw it on the ground or somewhere?
Never happened. I rarely get angry and even when I do, I don’t express it.

Q. Any channel that you regularly follow on YouTube?
ESPN for sports. And amongst many others, DW Documentary because I like watching documentaries.

Q. Do you go through the memes that are made on you or your movies? Which is your favorite one?
Oh yes, I love memes. Who doesn’t? My favorite meme is the one that I recently saw which had Jaideep, Fatima and me. It was pretty funny, especially since I was in it.

Q. How do you deal with trolls on your social media?
I don’t think I’ve been trolled. People have generally been quite encouraging towards me.

Q. Other than social media platforms, which is your favorite app on your mobile phone, and how often do you use it?
YouTube and Spotify. I use them every single day. Spotify has all my music, which I listen to when I am in the gym or even when I am just going out and about my day. YouTube obviously because of ESPN and DW Documentary.

Q. One web series or show that you have watched a no. of times and you would suggest others?
One of my favorite seasons of any show ever is True Detective Season 1. And I love revisiting Entourage and The Office from time to time. And in recent times there is such exciting content in the Indian space as well. Paatal Lok, Scam 1992, Family Man, to name a few, are such brilliant shows. I would love to be a part of such shows in the future.

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